RE: [xmca] real fieldwork experiences of ethnographers

From: White, Phillip (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 10:36:52 PDT

Mike inquired:

Can anyone point me to publications on the real life, dirty laundry,
accounts of ethnographers about their field experiences. I
seem to recall the existence of such a book, but cannot for the life of me
find it. Maybe just wishful thinking?

             Mike - two of Susan Krieger's books deal with these difficulties -

            "The Mirror Dance: Identity in a women's community" Temple University Press: Philadelphia - 1983. isbn: 0-87722-314-9

and "Social Science & The Self: Personal essays on an art form" Rutgers University Press: New Jersey - 1991. isbn: 0-8135-1714-1

     so, don't think this is a case of wishful thinking.


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