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A great book about "doing ethnography" is Fieldnotes: the makings
of ethnography By Roger Sanjek
1990 - which is all about the activity of doing "it" and what a
fieldnote is - each chapter is a separate response from an
ethnography about how the write fieldnotes, how they do their work
- what their relationship is this making process through living and
recording and re-framing

Fieldnotes : the makings of anthropology / edited by Roger Sanjek.
Published Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1990.

Margery Wolfe's
s A thrice told tale is intriguing because it is a tryptych in time
and space and genres by MArgery Wolfe about retold in three
modalities, chronotopes and perpsectives - (wife and gaad student
researcher/ fictional narrative/ senior legit anthropologist -
writing up the same "event") I modeled my thesis on this thrice
told tale metaphone when I was attempting to develop a way of
looking at ethnography as a textual practice - ( wee bit of
Dorothy Smith's work on doucmentation as the conceptual relations of
ruling - giddens/mead /Bakhtin ) and

Paul Atkinson's monograph "Understanding Ethnography"

and one that I found compelling was about fieldworkers being in
dangerous places Fieldwork under fire : contemporary studies of
violence and survival / edited by Carolyn Nordstrom, Antonius C.G.M.
Robben. Published Berkeley : University of California Press,

I always liked "Women Writing Culture - Behar and Gordon, because
they take on the mystique of Clifford and marcus -


>Can anyone point me to publications on the real life, dirty laundry,
>accounts of ethnographers about their field experiences. I
>seem to recall the existence of such a book, but cannot for the life of me
>find it. Maybe just wishful thinking?
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