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From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Wed Dec 28 2005 - 06:19:49 PST

>From: CTSJ <prisms@education.ucsb.edu>
>I am writing to share with you the Thematic School on Ethnography in
>Education that UCSB hosted in October and will continue this January. I
>hope that you find the discussions exciting and intellectually
>intriguing. Please enjoy the ideas and share this with anyone you think
>would like to explore the theory and method issues that are discussed in
>this dynamic and interactive Thematic School. Please share this with the
>listserves that you think will be interested.
>Judith Green
>Audra Skukauskaite
>We are pleased to announce the creation of a website where you will find
>the video records, selected papers, and resources of the Thematic School
>with Michael Agar, exploring the topics of ethnography, language and
>complex dynamic systems in education. Additional resources and
>discussions can be found on the Forum for which you can register by
>sending a request to prisms@education.ucsb.edu . To view the videos,
>please go to http://www.education.ucsb.edu/thematicschool We hope that
>you will find these helpful and that this will make it possible for you to
>revisit the themes and issues raised by this innovative approach to
>ethnographic research in education and other institutional settings. We
>also hope that you will join in the discussions of issues. You may
>propose a strand for discussion on the Forum.
>In January, we will have the next sessions of the Thematic School--
>January 24, 25, 26. The session on January 24 with focus on the theme of
>culture, as conceptualized from an anthropological perspective. The
>sessions for the 25th and 26th are currently being developed and will
>involve an interactive format in which we will explore how to apply the
>ideas presented and other theoretical perspectives to the study of
>learning in classroom settings. The readings and background materials for
>these sessions will be posted on the website and forum in early January.
>Please visit the video records from the sessions on October 24-28 to
>review the issues raised. The January sessions will build on the
>presentations and discussions from October. The links to the videos
>(presentations and discussions) are available on the "Resources"
>page. Note that each video will come up as a separate browser window - if
>you are using Firefox or Netscape web browsers and have tabbed browsing
>enabled, each video will come up as a separate tab. Download times will
>vary depending on the speed of your internet connection.
>Please use the Forum to post your questions, comments or suggestions and
>participate in the ongoing conversations. Alternately, you may also email
>us at prisms@education.ucsb.edu and we will be pleased to post your
>comments on the Forum. The Forum is available at
>http://www.education.ucsb.edu:85/forums. Your login names and passwords
>will be emailed to you when you first signed up.
>We look forward to your participation and to hearing from you as you
>explore this website and its resources. Please feel free to send
>recommended links, resources and/or papers (in PDF format-copyright
>permissions required for webpage). Please join our interactive community
>in exploring ethnography in education.
>Judith Green and Janet Chrispeels, co-directors
>Audra Skukauskaite, Coordinator
>P.S. If you are receiving this email but no longer wish to participate in
>the Forum and receive emails from us, please send us a note at
>prisms@education.ucsb.edu and we will take your name off the email list
>and will disable your ability to access the Forum
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