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From: Wolff-Michael Roth (
Date: Sat Dec 24 2005 - 08:18:36 PST

Hi everyone,
I haven't followed your Intelligent Design discussion, which is
pretty US centered. But I did note this morning on the BBC website
that Evolution made it to number 1 as the topic of the year in the
journal SCIENCE, not, as the author points out, because of the
ongoing ID discussion.

PS: Happy holidays to all

On 24-Dec-05, at 8:11 AM, wrote:

Good Morning Kevin,

It's more than that. The creationist's quest for inconstancies in gene
theory has spurred some of the most productive investigations in
science, and the creation/evolution debate has inspired religious
thinkers to
reexamine and reevaluate some cherished tenets. I believe the crux
of the
issue is that ultimately evolutionary theory threatens mind/body
separation which
fits so beautifully with the notion of free will. This is an
important area
of discussion that should engage both the hard science and the social
science classrooms occasionally. Our children should be encouraged
to seek out and
examine inconsistencies within and between all of the subjects they are
taught. We are both limiting and underestimating our children by
banning from the
classroom any theory that resonates with a large portion of our

and peace with you, especially during this holy season, Deb

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Dear Deb:

I noticed your posting. My two cents here. ;-)

I'm imagining the issues was less one of teaching the scientific view
versus the view from religious belief as it was the issue of the
proponents wanting the religious belief to masquerade as a scientific
Theory alongside of evolutionary theory. To teach children that both
Are equally valid *scientific* theories, by teaching it in biology

You mention social science. And I guess I'd agree that I'd consider
there to be more a case, if they were arguing that in social studies
they'd want to have their kids exposed to the religious creation
viewpoint and to let their kids know that some folks reject the
scientific theoretical approach in favor of these beliefs based on
Biblical revelation.

That's a horse of a different color, though, I'm thinking.

In Peace,
K. wrote:
> Hi Peg,
> I would love to discuss this further - I confess to a limited
> of the legal issues to date, but having raised my children in
> schools where these topics were openly and widely discussed, I
> can't help
> feel that Americans are sterilizing our learning environments to the
> Detriment of our children and our communities. Please keep me in the
> Deb
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