RE: [xmca] Intelligent Design decision

From: Peg Griffin (
Date: Wed Dec 21 2005 - 11:23:44 PST

Hi Deb,
Re: your note "I agree that Intelligent Design is renamed Creationism, and
that religious dogma has no place in our schools, but I'm at a loss as to
why Intelligent Design, as a theory based on religious beliefs, should not
be taught alongside other theories. Our children study other religions and
beliefs as part of their social science curriculum. Why is this different?
Aren't we better citizens when we understand the beliefs of our neighbors?
And since when is science not a religion ?...What would science be without
inspiration and leaps of faith, and the certainty that one day 'all will be
revealed' ?

I think it would be good to find a common time to do a close (local) reading
of the court opinion in relation to your questions. I'm crowded until
mid-February, but, after that, if you are interested, maybe we and a few
others could find time in common.
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