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From: Andy Blunden (
Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 13:49:50 PST

   It's a weird and disgusting thing. One could ask, where in the world
   do you have race riots with girls in bikinis participating?
   Here's an article form the Sydney Morning Herald which has the most
   insightful commentary:
   Keep in mind that Cronulla is a well-off, upper middle class suburb
   that probably votes for John Howard. But I am somewhat persuaded by
   arguments that it may be more productive to understand the events in
   terms of teenage gangs than in terms of race riots. There is surely
   though also an element in common with the events in Paris, the young
   Lebanese kids who feel excluded and resentful. And they have been
   "misbehaving". :)
   The next couple of days there have been "revenge riots" in the western
   suburbs, with the Lebanese kids "hitting back" by bashing perfectly
   innocent "Anglo Australians". I find the whole thing incredibly
   depressing. Hopefully the police are now on top of it. (Listen to me!)
   On top of this, when interviewed about the Cronulla mob, the PM, John
   Howard said that "people shouldn't take the law into their own
   hands"!! What he is referring to is that the mobs were supposedly
   retaliating against a group of Lebanese kids who bashed a group of
   "life savers" (i.e, bronzed, blonded surfies from the in-crowd in
   Cronulla), our esteemed Prime Minister chides the mob (his
   constituents) for "taking the law into their own hands"! Evidently it
   is the job of the police to bash up innocent Lebbos. He then went on
   to refuse to condemn people for (literally) wrapping themselves in the
   Australian flag while bashing people with beer bottles. "People have a
   right to express their love for their country through the Australian
   lag" he said!
   At 11:40 AM 13/12/2005 -0300, you wrote:

     Horrible things are happening in Sydney. Is there any XMCAr there
     to share
     some CHAT thoughts about what's going on?

     David D. Preiss Ph.D.

    Andy Blunden, on behalf of the Victorian Peace Network, Phone (+61)
                                03-9380 9435
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