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Date: Fri Dec 09 2005 - 08:05:59 PST

Tamara, I hope you keep talking.
Maybe the dialogue was more like play and the paper you're trying to write
now is more like work. That dichotomy, especially as related to learning,
has been/is quite destructive, I think.
I feel that whatever success I have in intellectual activities has to do
with learning to relate to it as play. I wonder if others have a similar

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> Hi again and thanks for all the encouragement and greetings.
> I am a novice and so, can't be too sure whether I am witty or not.
> I will say I (surprisingly) found it much easier to write a dialogue
> than the paper I am trying to write now
> ( why is that?)
> I am a novice and so for now, more likely to attempt the "friendly"
> guile of improv than that of fencing.
> But then I want to give credit where credit is due - because actually,
> I had Victor's language afoot, (11/9/05) about passionate tactics as
> an indicator of how committed the contenders are to the object of their
> debate, when I first decided to try for a dialogue. And I can see
> that I gained much of my voice and maybe my mind through something like
> sibling rivalry at the dinner table. ( But they were my brothers - so
> acceptance? or is it trust? etc. wasn't at issue). And even in my
> graduate program, I think I learn the most from those who know me well
> enough to argue with me (including Gordon!).
> But then are fencing and improv really so different?
> What did Socrates do? Probably some combination of the two.
> All this to say that I for one, and a younger one at that, did
> appreciate the gusto that came out last month, as a source - a source
> of what? something like the incentive to angle for the kinds of
> tactical connections involved in concept formation.
> And yet it also to say that I too timid, and I imagine with others,
> distasteful of battles meant to conquer, may not come out to play.
> But I must get back to the task at hand - and then, I have years of
> reading to do... trying to catch up with all of you.
> Tamara
> On Dec 7, 2005, at 10:52 PM, Ana Marjanovic-Shane wrote:
>> Vesna, Lina, Volker, Tamara,
>> Welcome! I am very glad to hear your voices through this window in the
>> frame! They feel soo refreshing, full of energy and excitement. Poetic
>> greetings from Belgrade, puzzlement from Skopje and energy from
>> Denmark! All that combined with Tamara's witty dialogue about
>> dialogue! This promises to be a different kind of monthly discussion.
>> And it looks very friendly, too.
>> It is your creativity that seems to be very Vygotskian.
>> You are all creating environments which are crucial for development --
>> and it seems that something essential in these environments is an
>> atmosphere of trust, inclusion, non-judgmental acceptance of the other
>> and the self. It would be interesting to hear from each one of you
>> what do you see as the most important practice in your program, before
>> we all start to jump to the conclusions. What would also be
>> interesting is to see the differences between all the practical
>> solutions which are all in some way connected to some similar, perhaps
>> identical Vygotskian ideas.
>> Ana
>> zdravo wrote:
>>> Lois, thanks!
>>> Here we are:
>>> Do not search longing for what you think is valuable but is far a
>>> way, do
>>> explore and search for what is here.
>>> Do not look for borders between youth and adults but find a way how to
>>> create things together.
>>> Speak up, create, look around, learn with others, make a frame but
>>> leave a
>>> little window open.
>>> These sentences are created recently by young people within common
>>> activity
>>> with adults.
>>> We hope that they could be transformed into greetings to all of you.
>>> Vesna
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