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Date: Tue Dec 06 2005 - 11:14:14 PST

Lina-- The article by Anna Stetsenko that was the object of our joint
discussion last month has a long footnote about the term, CHAT.
That might still be available free online at which can also
be reached through the xmca webpage.
Imagine a group of people who believe that what united Vygotsky and Leontiev
was more interesting for the present and future than
what divided them and that these same people coming from many different
traditions wanted to carry the basic ideas of a cultural historical approach
to human nature that grounded its analysis in everyday human activities.

There is a google search for the entire LCHC site at Other
histories of the term can be found in that way.

On 12/6/05, bb <> wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 December 2005 5:36 am, Lina Kostarova - Unkovska wrote:
> > Do I need to know the history of the group, or the people background?
> > I looked at some of the discussions so far, and they seemed to be
> > quite a clashing about something... could not understand, but I'll
> > wait for a moment Lina
> Hmmmm... so this is the first impression we give...
> Thanks Lina, for helping us to shape our identity as a group.
> bb
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