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Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 15:03:47 PST

Mike, I would recommend the following:
1. for a general background:

Identity and Agency in Cultural Worlds by Holland et al. (great intro using Vygotsky and Bakhtin and other good stuff)


2. for an example of work with youth in communities with emphasis on subjectivity:

Struggles for subjectivity: Identity, Action and Youth experience, by McDonald, CUP, 1999


3. for action research methodology (which I think is compatible with the interest in subjectivity and community work): <>


4. i would also recommend to look up Journal of Community Psychology for examples of work done in various theoretical frameworks.


5. certainly optional, to link subjectivity to Activity theory, Leontiev in particular (if the person is interested in this): my paper with IA in Theory and Psychology on self in CHAT.


>From here it depends if the person is interested in gender issues, or immigration issues or some other more specific aspects of work - much more could be added.


Hope this helps in one way or another... just a quick reaction on the way out of the door,





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OK-- So I am giving seminars and lectures and having discussions with
students and faculty at Pontificia Univ Catholica in Santiago. A student
walks in at the end of the day, after participating in some of these events,
and says that he wishes to do empirical work in community psychology
to get a degree. He wishes to be able to say something about the
of participants in a community organization. What should he read?

He has read theoretical work about subjectivity, but he is not clear how
theories (from French writers, mostly, I believe) can be applied in
research that might actually answer a question about subjectivity.

Question: What should he read?

I have started reading Judith Butler and am not sure if I will find the
answer to
his question there, but with 1-2 3 hour sessions a day, I will not find out

Gobble gobble.
Can you help Ignacio and me with his question? Please?
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