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From: Mary K. Bryson (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 08:29:08 PST

For my purposes, object relations theorists give us much better tools for
thinking about these important questions than any other group of scholars.
Winnicott, Klein, and especially Bollas - Any apparently readily
identifiably boundary between "subject" and "object" is problematized in
this work. Lacan's work on self and Other is also very helpful.


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> And we certainly cannot discuss the subject without the object, its
> negation, without which subject does not exist. I was a little
> wondering about that when some writers attempt to understand these
> terms without beginning with the middle term, which breaks apart into
> subject|object. . . or without going the route Hegel and Marx go,
> have to go, through the continuous oscillation through subject-object-
> subject cycles, without which the subject cannot exist in the first
> place.

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