[xmca] illustration on discussion in context

From: Stetsenko, Anna (AStetsenko@gc.cuny.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 13:32:23 PST

I just had an exchange with someone that I want others to see because it illustrates the context of our discussion (especially in that the person wrote to me directly rather than to xmca and did not really want her identity revealed). Perhaps this will further draw the attention to that climate and tone and style are important if xmca really wants to be broadly based - rather than being a debate among few bold (or naive? meaning myself perhaps) participants.

First the initial letter and then my answer:

>>Hello Anna--

As a lurker, I just wanted to let you know that there ARE people still
following the discussion (with great interest!), and not just those who
have posted. Thank you for your paper and for your elucidation of
aspects of it.>>

my response that first went to the person directly only:

> ..., thank you very much.
> We are all dependent on encouragment and feedback (being what? human
> I guess) - at least I readily admit to this. So, thank you again for
> giving such a feedback and, if you like, please come out and say what
> you think (no pressure but simply a suggestion) - so as to engage in
> learning by doing and participating - we are all learners, really,
> nothing more.
> Anna


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