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Mike, and of course this is also a distinction that comes from German - where 'soziale' and 'gesellschaftliche' are differentiated, also in works by Marx and other classics.
Joachim Lompshcer for example was very passionate about not mixing these two, from among recent examples (e.g., in one of his last published works).
There are quite some more misunderstandigs as well - will lurk for now, while learning a lot about subjectivity that comes through in these very exchanges, very vividly. Through how and what people say, how they react or do not react to the particulars in the unfolding discussion, how they take or do not take feedback and context into account (the immediate one, here on xmca at least, let alone of the wider world) -- through this one can infer a lot about who is who while paying attention to patterns and tone and style of communication. This is in terms of how one can access other's subjectivity, as Mike asked. There is no magic wand of course, but this is one of the ways -- learning through engagement and participation (not exactly in the same sense as in Rogoff but with some parallel).


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Sasha-- Just one note where there is misunderstanding in the conversation.
The issue of social/societal makes a difference to many.I wish who discussed
exactly this issue at ISCAR. Social, in Anglo-US discouse, is often a way of
reducing "THE SOCIAL" to two people having a phone conversation, any sort of
interaction. The term societal has been invoked as a way of blocking this
of reductionism.

Could somone, other than Anna who uses the term subjectivity and knows well
how to use it in their work please respond to the misgivings about its use
I tried asking about some days ago? And Joe asked about in a different way

I think that it might help us sort out misunderstandings from disagreements.
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