Re: [xmca] Re: Anna's Article: Where's the dualism?

From: bb (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 10:23:00 PST

> One more thoughtŠ Annašs characterization of the science activity (p. 83) as
> having to do with determinacy and certainty and conclusionary with regard to
> truth and value is at odds with mine and, more to the point of her article,
> seems to me at odds with her characterization of the Vygotsky, Leontiev, et
> al enterprise and socio-cultural-political context and with their own
> writings. I always thought good science had to do with discovery, not with
> truth and certainty. I don't think of Vygotsky's search for method as a
> search for truth, but as a step in the process of changing the world.
> What do others think?

I find the middle paragraph on p83 puzzling. Perhaps, I will conjecture that because this determancy is bounded (not absolute) by that which is "practical, goal-oriented, [and] object-related", relativism is built in. Yes, indeed, puzzling. Perhaps Anna can elaborate.


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