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From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Mon Oct 17 2005 - 19:12:10 PDT

Since Mike in his post to Ricardo referred to a comment I sent to him
privately - he had nudged me a little by asking me if I had looked at
that Lopes article and I responded - I'll copy it for xmca. I think
the psychotherapy angle is an interesting one for CHAT thinkers to
think about and work with as they can.
The 1981 article by Lawrence M. Lopes being commented on is "Problem
Solving in a Human Relationship: The Interactional Accomplishment of
a "Zone of Proximal Development" During Therapy". Lopes, the
therapist, took video of a couple he was working with, and did a
CHAT-type analysis of the session.

My comment:
Yes, I gave the Lopes paper a close read. I found it to be a well
articulated description, particularly his comparison of the two
"interactional configurations" observed in the session, and the
transitions from the familiar one to the new one, of a reframing of a
couple's self-concept from being "personal defects" oriented to being
family "system focused," even if it only lasted four minutes in the
recorded session. I like the overall framework of therapy as problem
solving that Lopes uses, but in invoking the concept of ZPD, I wonder
if more could have been said to explain why the therapist's suggested
reframing was within the couple's "zone" - and why the couple after
only 4 minutes in "therapy homeostasis" returned to their more
familiar "family homeostasis," effectively leaving the zone. A
strong, thought-provoking article, thank you for the link and for the
nudge to give it a serious look over.
- Steve

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