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“At present, the cognitive-behavioral and medical model paradigms still
reign in the field and appear to have the established, necessary economic
conditions. The crux of the question here thus lies in determining how and
to what extent cultural context factors may change and bring about a change
in practices for the mental health field.” (p.30) [PORTES, Pedro R. Cultural
Historical Theory and it’s Implications for Counseling and Psychotherapy:
Theory & Practice . Sevilla: ISCAR, 2005].


If revolutionary activity – in the sense forged by Holzman and Newman – is a
cultural change of practices for mental health it seems to me that it is
possible, inside a clinical or pedagogical collective, bring about some
change. At least a change of perspective on an understanding of the self by
ones. The self-subject dialetics, in other words, the dialects of “becoming”
or of a not necessary co-incidence between fenomeno and noumeno (Kant) –
like occurs in nomological paradigm’s fashion as well pointed by Wardekker,
Willem L. (2000) Criteria for the Quality of Inquiry. MIND, CULTURE, AND
ACTIVITY. San Diego: Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, 7(4),
259–272. To him:


“ in CHAT (or at least, in my interpretation of it), learning and the
resulting change are the object of the research, and a state of the world,
or of a person, at any given moment is interpreted as the result of change
and development. Thus, the product of research is not knowledge in the sense
of a product that can be transferred to other persons and situations; it is
an understanding of the change processes in a specific situation that may or
may not have implications for other situations. Knowledge is a mediational
means for focusing our attention on specific aspects of a practice.” (p.269)







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