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From: Armando Perez (
Date: Tue Sep 27 2005 - 12:33:41 PDT

To all members of xmca:

I have read carefully the Obituary of Urie
Bronfenbrenner and I should like to said somethings,
because he was one of the most influential people in
my personal way of looking to Psychology, Sociology
and Social Sciences in general. I met the work of
Bronfenbrenner a little bit late in my scientific
life, but his influence in research of communities in
Cuba, in elaborating the way of thinking in my group
of researcher at the Universidad Central de Las Villas
about Self Development of Communities, in working the
interrelationship of every day life and political
process, the Family, the School and the Community;
this influence always will be there. To recognize
this influence in reflexively thinking about the
metiational process of micro, meso and macrolevels
(political, economical, social, psychological and so
on)) is my personal tribute to him. As our paradigms
of looking to communities remind, he will be between

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