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From: Phil Chappell (philchappell@mac.com)
Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 07:49:25 PDT

Mike you beat me to the mark - I was in the process of composing a more
elaborate response to Steve vis-a-vis his interests in class and the
ideas that Bernstein affords.

Harry Daniels will touch on this, I'm guessing from his paper he sent
us all in June.


On 15/09/2005, at 9:21 PM, Mike Cole wrote:

> I also have been thinking about those issues, Steve. LSV and colleagues
> could only talk about them-- as they applied to other countries.
> We tried hard to get discussion of Bernstein
> going in connection with LCA discussion, but did not get very far.
> Perhaps
> in a different, post-ISCAR environment we can get to class -- on of
> the ways
> to link local actrivity systems to their large
> socio-cultural-historical
> contexts?
> mike

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