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Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 18:07:26 PDT

Phil, Is there some info to wrap more context around that video?

> Pondering here, and not to be taken seriously...How many links to
> websites have you received in the past few days, for example
> that you might
> not have received, had we not been experiencing the current human
> activities that are directing our attention towards? How many
> multimodal texts, such as [warning - 8 MB movie download]
> have you had
> that you would normally not be privileged to "read"? What can we say
> about the time frames for dissemination of scholarly works in our
> academic world versus the time frames for spin? Apart from this
> privileged place, what other venues are there to discuss the spin as it
> occurs?
> Sorry, just thoughts out loud after a disturbing session at my computer.
> Phil
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