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Yes, bb. And what I would like to have is some sort of bushwhacker filter
that would create hyperlinks for me when authors didn't!

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Gee, Peg, seems like you have read this, but if so/not_so, what's in print
is durable and can be quasi/semi-unshrubable. With a re-reading one
remembers all over again.

Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential
by James Moore, Wayne Slater, James C. Moore, Wayne Slater

> It's about discourse and taking advantage of difficulty with memory
> retrieval.
> The weekend shrub blitz (including Condoleeza allegedly coming home to
> Alabama to help) reeked of the authorship of Karl Rove.
> As soon as that came into my mind, I realized the shrubs had successfully
> interfered with my ability to remember. I could not recall that last
> thing we should still be trying to hold Rove accountable for. I could not
> grab it from memory storage; the hooks to it were obscured. Yes, I
> badly and yes more so as I get older. But manipulating and amplifying
> natural and individual processes for cultural mass effect is exactly what
> the shrubs, and especially Rove, are so adept at.
> Then I saw a news article exposing Rove's roll and verifying my analysis.
> It was quite clear that Rove was back in DC and the shrub moves in the
> were governed by the political calculus Rove does so effectively.
> But nothing nothing nothing in it gave a hint of what I couldn't remember.
> It would have been off the point, losing focus, rambling for people to
> identify that relevant thing about Rove.
> They couldn't write about the woman from the CIA who's married to the man
> who bucked part of the shrub story about weapons of mass destruction.
> couldn't repeat that her name and identity as CIA had been leaked to a
> newspaper. They couldn't put in that this is the one thing involving Rove
> that might support legal action and trim the shrub a bit.
> If we don't keep on that track about Rove, the shrubs are more likely to
> able to continue to prey upon us.
> Is this an example of what is meant by discourse type demands supporting
> status quo and contributing to the manipulation of the populous?
> This is why I like so much the IF Stone book on the Hidden History of the
> Korean War. A ramble.
> Peg
> PS Cyndy Sheehan's bus tour stops here for a little bit tonight. Less
> preparation than the first support vigil for her but maybe more folks! I
> hope and think.
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