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This from yesterdayıs New York Times:

...The top fifth of earners in Manhattan now make 52 times what the lowest
fifth make - $365,826 compared with $7,047 - which is roughly comparable to
the income disparity in Namibia, according to the Times analysis of 2000
census data. Put another way, for every dollar made by households in the top
fifth of Manhattan earners, households in the bottom fifth made about 2

I apologize for yet another '3rd world' comparison, but even without that
the figures are striking, and deplorable.


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> And to the international academic community (particularly the US
> scholars) I can only suggest, with all due respect and humbleness, to
> consider anew or review the role that the material bases of society,
> and particularly objects such as "class", "class relations", "poverty",
> or the like, play in the models (?) that inform (?) their respective
> forms of discourse analyses."
> Phil
> Phil - for me here in land-locked Denver, Colorado, your message came in
> clear and for me well understood - much appreciated. i will continue and
> redouble my efforts to emphasize the material bases of society - which of
> course includes all of the "isms".
> phillip
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> school of education
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