[xmca] Re: Hurricane Katrina-LSU Student Relief Fund

From: David Daniel Preiss Contreras (davidpreiss@puc.cl)
Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 09:55:22 PDT

Massachusetts colleges offer spots to Gulf Coast students
September 1, 2005

BOSTON --The five-campus University of Massachusetts is offering emergency
admission to Gulf Coast students whose education has been affected by
Hurricane Katrina, President Jack. M. Wilson said Thursday.

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community colleges also have pledged to find ways to help displaced
students, as have some private colleges.

Regis College announced it will offer 25 spots to New Orleans-area college
students, and Boston College said Gulf Coast students can apply for visiting
student status for the fall semester.

U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy has asked the 55-member Association of Independent
Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts to assemble information about
what capacity the schools have to support displaced students, said
association president Richard Doherty.

There are about 300 students from Massachusetts registered in New Orleans
colleges and at least 50 in Mississippi schools, Doherty said.

Regis said its offer is "basically tuition free, with transfers of room and
board, financial aid and course and credit issues to be worked out with the
home college or university," a Regis news release said.

"Students from New Orleans and Mississippi colleges can safely continue
their education here until the home college is on its feet again," Regis
President Mary Jane England said.

The UMass announcement did not specify information about costs to students.

The community college and state college systems also pledged to help.

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Peg Griffin writes:

> Thanks again, David.
> I think this kind of information is a carrier of a currently fragile notion
> for many: Someone somewhere acts as if there is a future that can be worked
> toward.
> I wonder what contact there is with community colleges and state colleges in
> LA and MS.
> Peg
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> Peg,
> The MIT opened in its home page the following web page:
> Contribute Ideas for Hurricane Katrina Recovery
> https://alum.mit.edu/comments/View.dyn?id=363
> There, 2 people wrote:
> Darcy 1991 Thursday September 1, 2005 7:17pm
> MIT should consider letting students from Xaxier, Tulane and other schools
> in for a term while New Orleans is underwater.
> Other schools including Penn and Georgia State are making such offers.
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> ----
> Tiffany Kosolcharoen 2006 Thursday September 1, 2005 6:47pm
> At the University of Pennsylvania, my sister said qualified
> Philadelphia-area students enrolled in universities at the hurricane
> stricken areas have the opportunity to take fall semester classes at Penn.
> Faculty will also be offered a paid leave to volunteer.
> Penn's leadership in extending admission to displaced students, whose
> tuition will go towards rebuilding their New Orleans universities, is a
> paragon to follow.
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> Tulane's president keeps an ongoing diary on the webpage of Tulane
> www.tulane.edu
> David
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