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I found it very interesting that all the organizations in the Yale list
are religious ones. I guess over there a secular relief is not regarded
as "convenient" for a natural disaster.

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This is what I got today at Yale.
I assume there must be other initiatives going on which should take
shape as
the disaster reaches larger publicity and the academic year starts.
Academic rythms...


Faculty and Students:

We write to encourage all of us in the Yale community to offer our
understanding, help, and resources to all Yale students affected by
Hurricane Katrina. Many students in Yale College and in the Graduate
have immediate and extended families in Louisiana, Mississippi, and
and may especially need our assistance in the next days and weeks.

Within Yale College, we urge students concerned about family and friends
areas devastated by the hurricane to speak with their Residential
Deans and Masters.

Within the Graduate School, we urge students to speak with their
of Graduate Studies and with any of the academic deans in the Graduate

We urge faculty generally to encourage students to seek aid and
knowing that the resources of Yale College and the Graduate School are
the disposal of every student who may be affected by the destruction
by Hurricane Katrina.

Counselors at the Yale Health Service may be especially helpful in this
of concern.

Generous cash contributions to relief agencies already organized to work

effectively in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama offer the most
way to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Many agencies are worthy of your support. We list four below, not as
endorsements, but for your convenience.

American Red Cross

Catholic Charities USA
(800) 919-9338

United Jewish Communities/Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund 212-284-6944

United Methodist Committee on Relief

Jon Butler, Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Peter Salovey, Dean
Yale College

Mike Cole writes:

> Peg-- Visiting the UCSD web page, we here in dry, sunny southern
> California
> who are at UCSD are being
> asked to give to the Red Cross. There are no other measures afoot as
far as
> I know. Perhaps there will
> be in which case, I will report them.
> Perhaps this evening's videodramas have moved public opinion although
> I am
> not sure the water has risen
> high enough to threaten local ivory towers.
> mike
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