Re: [xmca] xbdg discussion on Ilyenkov

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sun Jul 24 2005 - 18:54:12 PDT

Whew! First Sasha sends the note I thought needed sending for himself and
now Steve points out how to join both discussions.
Could this be a moment of expansive learning?

On 7/24/05, Steve Gabosch <> wrote:
> Speaking for myself, I have no problem with people freely shifting posts
> and discussions from xbdg to xmca. That was always part of the idea. All
> xmca'ers are welcome to join, participate in, lurk on, or just peek at the
> discussions on xbdg. Conversely, if a discussion thread on xbdg expands
> beyond the reading, and is relevant to xmca, we encourage that such
> discussions migrate from xbdg to xmca.
> The "we" of xbdg, by the way, is Kristen Clark, Peter Moxhay, and me, the
> moderators. Kristen is the main moderator and Peter is the discussion
> facilitator.
> Anyone with a web browser can look at the messages on the xbdg discussion
> site simply by clicking on the below. The first message begins at 54 (the
> first 53 messages were used for something else and were deleted). Messages
> go up to about 118 as of this afternoon. There are a few ways to get around
> and easily browse - there are links for messages, threads, expanded, etc.
> To join, click on "Join This Group" so you can post, access files, links,
> etc. There is a syllabus (we are now starting week 3) in the files section
> and now a Word file version of Chapter 5 is available.
> Ilyenkov is good for the brain - really makes you think! Check it out.
> - Steve
> At 05:13 PM 7/24/2005 -0700, Mike Cole wrote:
> I am uncertain of what the niceities are concerning cross posting between
> xmca and xbdg (meaning? I missed something) groups. the former of which is
> waiting
> for people to get home to finish the discussion of language and activity,
> the latter of which has been discussing Ilyenkov. This message does not need
> the context
> of prior messages to be interpretable and its content is of obvious
> interest on xmca. My apologies if this is not good netiquette.
> mike
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