Re: [xmca] sense and meaning

Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 09:47:57 PDT

Sound production is only one way of aligning others. . . in fact, as my
study of scientists in a laboratory showed, sound production may not
be at all necessary and many other forms of communication like pointing
are simply watching what is going on is sufficient evidence not only
for knowing what is going on but also for knowing that the OTHERS know
what is going on.


PS: The study I am referring to is this:
Roth, W.-M. (2004). Perceptual gestalts in workplace communication.
Journal of Pragmatics, 36(6), 1037?1069.

That sounds like a very interesting article, is it possible to post for
further review?

You also have seriously mulling your past question of what is conceptual
meaning? Perhaps I will revisit Illyenkov's Concept of the Ideal and come
back with fresh ideas.


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