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Hi, everybody.

The academic world is not an un-interested world, as Bourdieu expressed... So, it is always interesting to observe the relationships between developed countries academics and developing countries ones. of course, between academics and other social groups (cultural capital mediating). We live in a world where one can continue asking what is the weight of education. These are only messy ideas in a funeral-like environment in the cordoned surroundings of the Institute of Education in Central London. I live as a student two minutes walking distance to Russell Square and two minutes walking distance to Tavistock Square, where the statue of Gandhi settles down at the centre and a tree in the memory of Hiroshima has its roots... This shock is sudden here, the permanent shaking life of poverty is other thing and the same, perhaps.


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  ..and the thing is that we are all more or less in the category of
  powerful. I just attended two conferences in UK related to African &
  development studies where a paper after paper (presented mostly by white,
  Western scholars)showed a variety of ways of power and domination
  the "West" has over the "rest". Considering academics, the African
  professors put strongly the access to information in the agenda: no funds
  for books, no access to the massess of articles produced, most holding
  hotmail- email addresses with limited quota...

  The overall message in those two conferences was that the desire for and
  disappointment to the unfulfilled promises of modernity and development
  should be taken seriously. This all academic stuff was suddenly put in a
  different perspective while standing yesterday morning at the Russell
  Square underground station and waiting for the metro that never came, only
  the blast and smoke arrived. Someone, in other context of course, got
  enough of, not only violence, but also empty promises?


  Lainaus David Daniel Preiss Contreras <>:

> Alas! As always, the innocent pay for the bad decisions of the powerful.
> I
> wonder how these attacks are REALLY commented on in the darkness of the
> G8
> summit. What's next? And where? The media are looking to Roma. But I
> guess
> something is already happening in places that most of us are not even
> aware
> of.
> Thanks, Peter for putting this topic on the agenda of this list.
> David

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