Re: [xmca] LCA: AA Leontiev and Landolf/Thorne question

From: Wolff-Michael Roth (
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 21:14:19 PDT

> actions, using grammar books, dictionaries, CDs, as artifacts that
> mediate my deliberate learning. But I would hesitate to call my
> learning an activity in its own right. Part of the problem in
> answering your question, Mike, is the fact that 'activity' may be used
> with the technical meaning, as in A.N.L.'s theory, but also in the
> very general sense of different culturally recognized actions that
> succeed each other in daily life, such as taking a shower, getting
> breakfast, driving to work, etc.

I generally follow your point. As to the difficulty:
As a guideline, I use A.N.L's distinction somewhere in the book
activity as in "Tätigkeit" not in "Aktivität". In the former sense, it
is related to work, sustenance of society, come about through a split
as division of labor.

But I guess that times have changed, and leisure has become an
important aspect of our lives, both those who provide it and therefore
do service in such an activity system, and those who enjoy and pay for


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