From Beth about Video data and lifeworlds

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 16:20:47 PDT

For reasons unknown a recent change in Beth's email makes it impossible for
to post to xmca. so this is posted for her.
Sonja and I were part of Ed Hutchins and Jim Hollan's seminar, last
quarter, discussing this new program for video analysis, Diver from
Stanford, and we have also been being interviewed by a group working to
redesign Diver's interface: there are a lot of people working on how to
make large amounts of video data useable, some with a lot of influence,
and I actually wouldn't be surprised if something really efficient comes
out relatively soon. We'll see --
A few things relating to connections between video analysis and
playworlds: As I have begun to make a film for the children to see, and
take home, of their Narnia Playworld (following the children's careful,
and often fascinating, instructions), I have been wondering what it means
to document a drama pedagogy with film -- how do we shape the acting by
making the actors 'movie stars'? How does a semi-conscious attempt to
create footage which will allow for the creation of an 'engaging' final
film shape the adult filmer/actor/set designer's contributions to the
creation of a playworld? In the Narnia Playworld the children took over
the cameras to some extent, sometimes filming themselves watching films of
themselves filming themselves!... in this process questions of 'what is
real?' were reworked in the space around what we condsider the playworld
proper: I wonder, was this process related to what the adults were
experiencing as they filmed? Working with the video footage to create a
product which is in someway 'true' to some
phenomenological(?)/experienti al quality of the playworld, I find I am
thinking through montage theory, considering the gutter/gap between
images, the place where time and space converge and disperse -- the fact
that this manipulation of space through the manipulation of time, and
visa-versa, was so central to the Narnia playworld iteself, does not seem
coincidental...although I'm not sure what to make of this commonality.
Also, I am working on a paper for ISCAR around some of these questions,
and related questions, concerning video methodology in the playworld
research: I would grealy t, greatly appreciate any (more) reading
suggestions! Thanks!

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