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joe you have learned by now never to doubt the community we ve built polls are of likely voters and are no measure of the new people that have been brought into the process.
all guests left with buttons bumper stickers yard signs literature and orders to dream of dean!!
my wife as a med student attended a pro-choice conference everyone cooed over one of the student s newborn that she brought with her to the conference this is what choice is about.
at one point she says about dean one longtime adversary wonders whether he s up to tasks that require tact such as international diplomacy.
and all it cost were thousands of dead many more thousands maimed an inflamed muslim world and permanent damage to decades-old alliances that we created to bring stability to the world.
if you want a real peek behind the truth of maureen dowd s previously-cited ass-kicking editorial --.
sorry - it seems that using the greater and less th an signs removes the items from the message automatically so i have reposted this from a few minutes ago.
the audience really really wanted to hear that question and they booed the moderator when he said no.
also major props to liz kotowski who i believe was the organize of the event i think it was to her credit that such an energized organized group of volunteers showed up.
howard should really go on lou dobbs seems like he might be a pretty reasonably unbiased journalist.
hey clinton just made a big point of picking the gov out of the crowd of candidates and then just only mentioned the other ones names you think?
the bottom line diebold s voting machines appear to present an undetectable easy and tempting target for manipulating elections.
lehrer well that concludes this portion of the debate between president bush and congressman bush-lite um i mean gephardt.

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