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>I just saw your TESOL Quarterly call for a special issue, and thought that
>you might distribute our call, as well.
>Ann M. Johns, Professor Emerita
>Linguistics & Writing Studies
>San Diego State University

Call for Papers
JEAP is now soliciting manuscript proposals for a special issue entitled
English in the Secondary Schools.”

The vast majority of research and publication in academic English has
focused upon
post-secondary teaching and learning. However, there is a growing interest
in academic
English in the secondary schools, particularly as it relates to
collaborations and English as a second/foreign language support for culturally
and linguistically diverse students. Because of this interest, the Journal
of English for
Academic Purposes is devoting an issue to research, theory, and teaching at
the secondary level, edited by Ann M. Johns (San Diego State University,
ajohns@cox.net) and Marguerite Ann Snow (California State University, Los
USA; asnow@calstatela.edu). For this special issue, academic language is
characterized as ‘language that stands in contrast to the everyday informal
speech that
students use outside the classroom environment’ (Bailey & Butler, 2002, p. 7).
Proposals may address issues of academic language in variety of secondary
contexts, including (but not limited to):
1. Identifying and working with diverse learners in the classroom
2. Approaches to teaching diverse learners
3. Integrating language and content instruction
4. Designing and implementing content-based curricula
5. Cross-curricular collaborations (especially between ESL and content
6. Applications of standards in secondary settings
7. Strategies for assessment and evaluation of academic language
8. Approaches designed to bridge secondary and post-secondary academic

Expected time line for the special issue:
† Five hundred-word proposals for articles to be submitted by September 30,
2005 via
email to the guest editors listed above.
† Responses to prospective authors to be provided by November 15, 2005.
† Completed articles should be submitted to guest editors by February 28, 2006.
† Decisions for acceptance by guest editors to be determined by May 15, 2006.
Journal of English for Academic Purposes
xx (xxxx) 12
1475-1585/$ - see front matter q 2005 . Published by Elsevier Ltd. All
rights reserved.
JEAP 922/5/200507:16SHYLAJA148369XML MODEL 1 pp. 12
† Final manuscript preparations/revisions to take place between May and
June 2006.
† Submission guidelines are available for JEAP at:
Bailey, A. L., & Butler, F. A. (2002). An evidentiary framework for
operationalizing academic language for
broad application to K-12 education: A design document. (Final deliverable
to OERI, Contract No.
R305B960002-02). University of California, Los Angeles: National Center for
Research on Evaluation,
Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST).
JEAP 922/5/200507:16SHYLAJA148369XML MODEL 1 pp. 12
/ Journal of English for Academic Purposes xx (xxxx) 12 2

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