Fwd: NWAV 34 -- Second Call for Papers

From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Wed May 11 2005 - 12:48:28 PDT

>>NWAV 34: Lects and the City will be held at New York University from
>>October 20-23 2005. This year’s theme highlights the linguistic and
>>social issues that arise in multicultural urban centers. Both a Thursday
>>night plenary address and a special Saturday night panel session will
>>bring together scholars from linguistics, anthropology, sociology and
>>education to discuss ways of approaching, conceiving of and researching
>>urban areas, as well as the broader implications of urban research.
>>Papers and posters: In addition to the panels and workshops with this
>>focus, we invite submissions for 20-minute papers in all areas of
>>sociolinguistics. Following the lead of previous NWAVs, we also encourage
>>submissions for posters. 500-word abstracts are due on Wednesday June 1
>>2005. Abstracts may be submitted electronically at our website (the
>>preferred method), or via email to nwav34 who-is-at nyu.edu. Online abstract
>>submission forms are available on our website (www.nwav34.com). Authors
>>may submit an abstract for one singly-authored paper/poster and one
>>jointly-authored paper/poster, or two jointly-authored papers/posters.
>>Abstracts containing specialized fonts, characters or graphics must be
>>submitted in .pdf format. Abstracts for papers and posters will be
>>anonymously reviewed.
>>Panels: We will also be accepting proposals for a limited number of panel
>>sessions. Panel organizers must submit 500-word abstracts of the panel,
>>which include the participants’ names, affiliations and contact
>>information, via the online submission form. In addition, panel
>>organizers should submit individual 500-word abstracts for each of the
>>panel participants. Panel sessions will be 100 minutes in length, and
>>panel organizers may divide that time between speakers/discussants as
>>they wish. Participants on panels may also submit an additional abstract
>>for individual presentation, but must agree to withdraw their
>>singly-authored paper/poster if their panel is accepted. Abstracts for
>>panels will not be reviewed anonymously.
>>Notification of acceptance of papers, posters and panels will be emailed
>>by July 1 2005.
>>Please note that sign language interpreting will be available for
>>conference participants, as needed. Those requiring interpreting must
>>pre-register for the conference, as well as indicate what sessions/talks
>>they plan to attend, in order to make appropriate arrangements. For
>>further information on this or any other aspects of the conference,
>>please see updates on our website at
>><http://www.nwav34.com/>www.nwav34.com or contact:
>>Renée Blake
>>NYU Linguistics
>>719 Broadway, 4th Floor
>>New York NY 10003
>>United States
>>Erez Levon
>>NYU Linguistics
>>719 Broadway, 4th Floor
>>New York, NY 10003
>>t: +1 212 992 8616
>>f: +1 212 995 4707

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