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From: David H Kirshner (
Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 19:45:56 PDT

Neat site, Steve.

For those who don't know the origins, grok, as I recall it, was the word for "know" or "understand" in Robert A. Heinlein's classic, sci fi, '60s era cult book, Stranger in a Strange Land. It means, literally, "to drink."


Steve Gabosch <sgabosch who-is-at>
05/10/2005 06:52 PM MST
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Subject: grokker search engine

Here is an interesting search engine I just ran across that categorizes and
diagrams search results into nested circles and squares. Some xmcaer's
will get a kick out of its name "grokker" and the button you click to begin
a search: "grok." I tried "Vygotsky" and was impressed - many interesting
sites, papers, etc. show up. Dunno if it will work very well for anyone
trying to find something specific, but it might be helpful for certain
kinds of browsing.

- Steve

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