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Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 00:46:20 PDT

I doubt that one could sustain the thesis that Ilyenkov "redefined" "abstract" and "concrete" except in the sense that he may have introduced the philosophical meanings of the words to a non-philosophical audience. The claim in relation to the word "ideal" could perhaps be sustained, but not with "concrete" and "abstract".
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Glad the Hedegaard example was useful to you Phillip. Preparing for another class, I stumbled back across this passage from Engestrom, prior millenium.

The point of departure in Il'enkov's work is a redifinition of the meaning of 'concrete' and 'abstract'. Contrary to the common notions, dialectics does not see 'concrete' as something sensually palpable and 'abstract' as something conceptual or mentally constructed. 'Concrete' is rather the  holistic quality of systemic interconnectedness.

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