Re: [Admins] Concern Publication of A.R. Luria Autobiography

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 11:49:25 PDT

Thanks for the response, Brian. I am certainly happy to cooperate with your
in making reading materials widely available. I benefitted from your
publication (I assume
authorized!) of the Trotsky memoirs in the Luria update and this interchange
me that I have to check fair use there as well.
 I have made the Luria materials available, for example, for a web class,
but then
removed it after the class was over.
 I know all of this is slippery and undefined and appreciate your response.
I have not
made a thorough search of the site and its materials, but am certainly
encouraged to
do so, especially because Hegel just popped up in our discussions. I am not
sure what
middle ground ideas you have, but am certainly open to discussion which I am
sure would
be of interest to all xmca members who struggle with the underlying issues.
PS-- I contact Nate about this as the person I associated with active work
on your website, erroneously
it turns out.

 On 5/3/05, Brian Basgen <> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you let me know what
> exact url you are referring to? I assume it is:
> In this event, we will readily remove the work, please simply confirm.
> As you undoubtedly saw on this page, we reproduced this portion of your
> work in accordance to Fair Use, but we certainly will give you the
> benefit of the doubt, and if you don't think it is fair for us to
> publish this, we won't!
> May I ask which of our members you wrote to?
> Also, is there any half-way point where we can help you in your
> efforts, while you can help our readers with some of your information?
> I'll leave this discussion in the hands of Andy Blunden (sleeping in
> the Southern Hemishpere at present), who it seems helped with this
> archive. He is familiar with the material, and will be able to meet
> your concerns fully.
> On May 3, 2005, at 11:28 AM, mike cole wrote:
> > Dear Colleagues,
> > I have been advised by a member of a discussion group I belong
> > to regarding
> > your publication of the core materials from A. R. Luria, *The Making
> > of Mind*. I
> > wrote to one of our members who I thought was involved with decision
> > making
> > by your organization, but was apparently mistaken in my belief so
> > writing to
> > you directly appears more appropriate.
> >
> > I am co-editor of AR Luria's Making of Mind published in 1979 by
> > Harvard Press. I am about to have that book re-issued with Erlbaum
> > with an expanded set of
> > prefactory materials and afterward, plus a DVD with interviews with
> > people who
> > knew and worked with Luria.
> >
> > I have check with Harvard University Press and they inform me that
> > they had no correspondence wtih you about publishing that book, which
> > was produced at
> > considerable cost and labor (I can speak to that issue personally,
> > having done
> > a lot of the labor) nor did anyone contact me. Now at additional cost
> > to myself
> > and one other donor, the book will again be made available with
> > here-to-for
> > unavailable material. But the core autobiographical material will
> > remain as it was in the original.
> >
> > I asked the member of our group to remove the pdf file from your
> > web page and
> > received no response. I am told that you routinely consult people
> > involved in materials you reproduce, but in this case have not done
> > so.
> > Would you be so kind as to remove the Luria autobiographical
> > material from your webbpage? The proceeds that accrue from this book
> > have always been spent supporting people with little means who wish to
> > build on Luria's tradition. Aside from the personal loss of funds that
> > I have taken on, your unauthorized publications of this material can
> > only harm that effort.
> > Thanks for consideration of this request.
> > michael cole
> Comradely,
> Brian Basgen
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