Re: The uneducated

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 20:42:29 PDT

Language dummy that I am, I do not know the translation of sauve. Nor do I
know the source of the Hegel quote that is apparently out there in google
land. Blush .

However, I believe that the way "abstract" is being interpreted in the
discussion of "rising to the concrete" is that abstractions are
empty until filled with appropriate content. in this sense, "Only those who
know nothing" would be an appropriate response to the
question "Who can think abstractly." Given my long standing distrust of the
notion of Kultur in the tradition that ranks people from without
culture to Kultured, this might be incorrect to the specific case, bb. But
my interpretation would at least link the ideas under discussion in
a non-pejoritive way.

On 5/2/05, bb <> wrote:
> >Hegel asked the rhetorical question, "Who thinks abstractly?" and then,
> >after saying in French "Sauve qui peut" answers his question, "Only the
> >uneducated."
> Interesting discursive move. At once powerful and exclusive, and while
> unsituated, ironic. So many levels of meaning that I'm wondering whether to
> embrace Hegel anymore.
> Thanks for sharing!
> bb

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