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It is indeed a complicated matter.

It reminds me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Literary Nobel Prize and a
notorious communist, fighting book piracy in Colombia to protect his
property rights. It reminds me of the quest I also sent about reducing the
costs of MCA journal so people in the third world can access them.

That said, I totally empathize with Mike's feelings. And I also can
understand the Presses perspective, which are commonly working on pretty
adjusted budgets. We need the presses as they very much need intellectuals
that nurture them. The thing is how can we enlarge accesibility without
making the Presses dissappear.


Wolff-Michael Roth writes:

> This is an interesting issue, of course, as it would seem that the spirit
> of is to make important works (part of them) widely
> available. It is in the spirit of open access, which has always
> characterized Marxism. The contradiction is, of course, that somehow one
> has to have procedures in place that make the collective cover the cost of
> such ventures rather than the individual. There should of course be an
> agreement with the author/translator/editor for doing so.
> Personally, I have appreciated being able to access a number of books and
> texts on
> Cheers,
> Michael
> On 2-May-05, at 8:38 AM, Mike Cole wrote:
>> Nate and Andy--
>> This morning I was reminded of a request I had made to Nate some time
>> back
>> and note received a reply.
>> At present, Karl Levitin and I, at several thousand dollars of personal
>> expense, are
>> re-publishing the Luria autobiography with added material including a
>> DVD set of
>> interviews. Without any request, you folks are publishing this book on
>> I asked that the unauthorized reproduction end in the hopes that we
>> might recover our
>> costs. Profits are spent promoting the ideas of the cultural-historical
>> school.
>> I assume you have a well worked out rationale for your right to copy and
>> print the products
>> of other people's labor. Seems like a fine topic for discussion here on
>> xmca.
>> mike
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>> Subject: luria
>> To:,
>> Dear mr.Cole/andy(this e-mail has been sent to both the author and the
>> sitemaster).
>> I`m a first year student at the university of Tromsų in Norway, writing a
>> biography of Alexander R. Luria. In my search for sources I found some of
>> your writings about him. They were really helpfull, and I understand that
>> your relationship to him must be quite rear.
>> Just one thing:
>> On the website:
>> I`d
>> find yor article, Biography: A brief overview of Luria`s life and work. I
>> took this in use, but couldn`t find the date of publish, which I need for
>> my references, according to APA-style.
>> Could you please help me out on that one?
>> Yours sincerly
>> Frtihjof Eide Fjeldstad

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