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From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 08:38:45 PDT

Nate and Andy--

This morning I was reminded of a request I had made to Nate some time back
and note received a reply.

At present, Karl Levitin and I, at several thousand dollars of personal
expense, are
re-publishing the Luria autobiography with added material including a DVD
set of
interviews. Without any request, you folks are publishing this book on <>.
I asked that the unauthorized reproduction end in the hopes that we might
recover our
costs. Profits are spent promoting the ideas of the cultural-historical

I assume you have a well worked out rationale for your right to copy and
print the products
of other people's labor. Seems like a fine topic for discussion here on

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Date: May 2, 2005 2:28 AM
Subject: luria

Dear mr.Cole/andy(this e-mail has been sent to both the author and the
I`m a first year student at the university of Tromsų in Norway, writing a
biography of Alexander R. Luria. In my search for sources I found some of
your writings about him. They were really helpfull, and I understand that
your relationship to him must be quite rear.
Just one thing:
On the website: I`d
find yor article, Biography: A brief overview of Luria`s life and work. I
took this in use, but couldn`t find the date of publish, which I need for
my references, according to APA-style.
Could you please help me out on that one?

Yours sincerly
Frtihjof Eide Fjeldstad

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