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Date: Sun May 01 2005 - 09:34:31 PDT

Hi all,
I think our discussion ought to deal with the very different ways in
which "abstraction" is understood in Western philosophy and in
dialectical materialism, which underlies the work of the CHAT fathers.
        Susan does not deal with the issue but rather skirts it in the obscure
comment "not as “moving away from” situations, but as a product of
local practices." I think I know she means that abstracting is itself a
social practice. But that does not deal with the different way in which
Western philosophy conceives of the abstract as common to all, whereas
Marxist philosophers show time and again that different concrete
realization of some "abstract" possibility actually may mean nothing it
common at all. See Il'enkov, Holzkamp and the like on the relationship
of particular and general, which always is a concrete general. . .

This is part of the great contradiction of CHAT in the West that it
attempts to graft inherently dialectical ways of thinking and
dialectical objects on inherently dualistic ways of conceiving the


On 1-May-05, at 9:21 AM, Mike Cole wrote:

> I have been asked how to access the article on generalizing in
> interaction about
> middle school math that will be the article for discussion for xmca
> which will
> start somewhere over the horizon (it being the motive for this
> message). I found it
> at
> there is a tiny link on the left hand side of the screen about half
> way down that,
> if you click on it while saying shazam. shalom and gazunheidt, all at
> once,
> as you blink your left eye, will come up with the pdf file. (There
> may be other
> conditions that will achieve the same goal-- or is that object?-- but
> this worked
> for me.
> :-)
> mike

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