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Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 09:22:59 PST

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 11:54:10 -0500, Dorie Evensen <> wrote:
> Mike - A possible candidate for empirical light on the "breaking away"
> topic (although I'm not sure how closely this aligns.
> I co-authored an article in 2001 that reported a semester-long study of 6
> medical students in a PBL curriculum. Using a "grounded theory" approach, I
> invoked the concept of "stance" as a way that these students differentially
> engaged with this (for them) very strange curriculum (albeit, one they had
> selected, but on very little solid information). This was during my
> pre-CHAT days, but I was toying with the notion of "action" - Only one of
> the students (interestingly, a theatre arts major), almost from the first
> day, "transacted" with the environment (dominated by the curriculum) in a
> way that appeared to "break away" from ways of learning (and dare I say
> being - yes, I threw "identity" into the mix) pursued by others.
> Here's the citation if anyone is interested:
> Evensen, D. H., Salisbury-Blennon, J. D., Glenn, J. (2001). A qualitative
> study of six medical students in a problem-based curriculum: Toward a
> situated model of self-regulation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 93,
> 659-676.
> On another note, I have been (and continue to) conduct research in legal
> education. The issue of "breaking away" in that context could be most
> useful in trying to understand this mysterious process conventionally know
> as (but little understood) "thinking like a lawyer." If any listeners would
> be interested in a side-bar (allusion is intended) on this issue, please let
> me know..
> Thanks,
> Dorie

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