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Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 19:45:28 PST

Don-- Don't we ALL communicate indirectly through the relics of the
past, e.g. the
already-there vocabularies of our community? And isn't breaking away
about going outside of those vocabularies ot invent new ones and the
unwelts they help to constitute?

Do you know Burke's "Literature as equipment to live by?" A favorit of
mine.I can try to get it pdf'ed (aha, a broken away new verb!!) and
posted for everyone's pleasure alongside Yrjo's fine examples and the
film. And perhaps you can point
us to where we can find the startreak example.

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 22:23:42 -0500, Cunningham, Donald J.
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> One more thought before night night. Fiction is a marvelous tool to
> exemplify points just because it tends to magnify or "blow up" the
> effect. My best example for "metaphorical thinking" is an old Star Trek
> New Generation called, I think, "The Children of Darmouk". The people
> communicate by citing various myths and legends rather than
> communicating directly. Wildly improbably that such a population could
> develop and achieve space travel but still good fun. And is this so far
> from the metaphors we live by (The good Samaritan; the prodigal child;
> the teacher who touches the lives of student through innovative teaching
> strategies; yadda, yadda)
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