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So, we went through 2 years from the beginning of the war in Iraq.
According to the number of casualties is close to
20000, that is, around 10000 people per year. Most of the countries that
joined the enterprise following Bush after false premises, already left.
Italia will surely do soon. Spain paid not in Iraq, but in Atocha. At
the same time, the media are inundating us with the morality related to
let one person die after she has been vegetative by 15 years. I can
empathize with those that take a minute to reflect on the complexities
of the issue, but not with the conspicuous silence of the media
concerning the real state of war. 1 life put against 20000. Is there a
relative value for life in the media? Can the life of one person get
20000 times more attention than the life of thousand of Iraqis? I have
never liked making human life relative, but the double standard is there
for everybody to see. Then, a new killing in a new school appears. Some
media say the killer admired Hitler. It has a horrible appearance of "I
have seen this before". And so the life goes on. I don't live in
so-called America anymore. I life in what we call America too, "down" in
Chile. But, somehow, given its global predominance, all what is
happening there is impacting us locally by its resonance in the Chilean
media: the silence about the Iraqi issue, the oil prizes, the standards
set for what is a good dying, the violence in its school system. (Nobody
commented largely about the school killings, sounds like an usual
thing). Of course, we don't have a say about everything: these is for
the American public to decide. And then is when I wonder about the
silence of these days...



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