AERA-After Sig Get Together

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 13:14:21 PST

After the CH-SIG meeting on Tuesday evening I would like to have a get together
to toast Kris Guitterez for bringing home the Scribner award. I have been in
contact with Ana about how best to do this, since we will probably all
be hungry.
EITHER we will go off to dinner somewhere where a small crowd can
gather and and have the celebration there, or we will split up for
dinner and xmca-ites will then repair to my hotel room in the Queen
Elizabeth Fairmont (I think) for a proper

There is rumoured to be a mystery guest who will make an appearance in
connection with the Scribner award. I am unsure of who s/he is. Kris
has no
idea, wonder who does?

Save at least a little time slot to drop by before we all drop off to sleep.

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