Too much good reading!

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 19:55:29 PST

Artin, Iraj, and David have all sent suggestions for reading that have
me drooling on the exams I am reading and lesson plans for next
quarter I am writing. I have not gotten to a lot of them but I did
read Millar's paper on "Bakhtin's Reading of Narrative Space........."
and thought it
was fantastically interesting. It is directed toward (for me) the
unlikely issue of biblical
studies and the fact that they are tied to current arguments in the
middle east in very
direct ways. But the article contains a stellar summary of Bakthtin's
ideas especially as
expressed in his book on Dostoevsky's Poetics and Dialogic Imagination
which are very
relevant to XMCA of files' interests and links them to Lefevre and
Soja's ideas about spatiality that link to Kris Guitterez;s work on
third spaces. The whole space/time chronotope nexus
is very understandably covered. Strong recommend.

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