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 The last number of poetics might interest some here.



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33, Issue 1, Pages 1-79 (February 2005)
Cultural sociology and sociological publics
Edited by M.D. Jacobs and L. Spillman
          1. Cultural
-1&md5=d934def6fdf81d265c74a249d6535529> sociology at the crossroads of
the discipline
Pages 1-14
Mark D. Jacobs and Lyn Spillman
          2. Bringing
-1&md5=08d2efc63b07d284582b9fcb81bb5492> culture into macrostructural
analysis in historical sociology: some epistemological considerations
Pages 15-31
Eiko Ikegami
          3. The
-1&md5=04baa91cb390c825595099aa2dd86d51> (limited) effect of cultural
globalization in India: implications for culture theory
Pages 33-47
Steve Derné
          4. Building
-1&md5=a7ff8270087fb9ee3a5fd5198abdeb81> bridges: what migration
scholarship and cultural sociology have to say to each other
Pages 49-62
Peggy Levitt
          5. The
-1&md5=16d283534f2049ca9dcf33cb3ee56953> new Gettysburg Address: fusing
history and memory
Pages 63-79
Barry Schwartz

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