Re: Nate's interesting question

Date: Sun Mar 06 2005 - 19:03:41 PST

Mike Cole wrote:

>So I take it that what you are arguing is that one of the positive
>benefits of compulsory
>education is that it reduces child labor, increases social capital,
>and provides future workers with skills that will be important for
>labor in the years to come? This will be somehow real labor, not
In my most optimistic moments I would say schooling is a developmentally
leading activity. That optimism leaves soon after early childhood.

I am not sure I would say education increases social capital and at best
it only narrows the playing field. I am also not saying anything about
worker skills. I am not even sure what these skills would be. My
concerns lie mostly in the ethical position of certain predetermined
ends if schooling is "deconstructed". If we have any grasp of history
and / or current affairs we have to acknowledge certain undesireable
activities coming to front.

So Mike, if we get rid of schooling in middle and late childhood, what
should they do in their spare time. Sadly, the unsuprvised hours of
3-5:00 give me little to be optimistic about. Maybe Wal-Mart offers a
solution since they are already violating child labor laws left and right.

If not schooling - then what?

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