Re: If not schooling, then what? -- How about "Hyperlearning"

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I share your concerns, Nate.

You might be interested in the items posted at
as harbingers of things to come, and'sOut/PerelmanAbstracts.htm
for celebrations of the more radical "Hyperlearning" alternative.
For more of Perelman, see'sOut/PerelmanExcerpts.htm
note that Perelman uses folks like Lave in support of his proposal, which
has received intense interest from IBM types in the past decade or so.

My posting of the Illich references was to challenge my students on the
comparison between Illich & Perelman, who might superficially appear to be
in sync.

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If not schooling, then what?

Schooling for the workingclass (the upper classes do as they always do)
was largely a replacment for child labor (slavery). We also know of
various examples in Africa where schooling has been "deconstructed"
child slavery has come back in full force.

So after the post modern critique is finished, what kind of activities
are offered as its replacement? All I know is there are those
salivating at such talk.

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