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Date: Sat Mar 05 2005 - 17:53:53 PST

I met Illich when I was a grad student. What he said made even more sense
to me then, when I was a student and victim. Now that I am on the oppressor
side of the desk, I rant from a more theoretical perspective. :)


At 09:21 AM 3/3/2005, you wrote:
>I have reached the age when I exhibit the annoying tendency to cite
>earlier work that addresses contemporary issues. Jay's rant reminds me of
>Ivan Illich's wonderful book "Deschooling Society". Here is a bit I wrote
>about it:
> Contrast this view with that of Ivan Illich (1971) in his
> provocative book Deschooling Society. Illich traces many of the ills of
> modern society to the existence of schools, that he defines as "the
> age-specific, teacher related process requiring full-time attendance at
> an obligatory curriculum." (Illich 1971 25-25). According to Illich,
> the institution of the school is based on an enormous number of unfounded
> and potentially destructive assumptions.
> ...

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