RE: One last word on Peirce - signs minds & other implicated systems -- LONNNG

From: Tony Whitson (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2005 - 16:27:25 PST

Thanks, Judy, This looks like a book I need to read!
Before I get to it though, I wonder if you could say just a little more
about what he means by "mind," in relation to "brain," as when in his
conclusion Deacon

" discusses the implications of the "mind virus"
that we host (language is the virus that has bred itself in the human brain,
... - our minds are overdesigned to
ensure that symbols get discovered). "We inevitably imagine ourselves as
symbols, as the tokens of a deeper discourse of the world. But symbols are
subject to being rendered meaningless by contradiction, and this makes
alternative models of the world direct threats to existence." P. 437 "

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