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On the editorial board of Journal for Research in Mathematics Education,
which is published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, we
successfully lobbied the NCTM board to provide some free issues to
university libraries in developing countries. --I don't know if a
commercial publisher would agree to this sort of give-away. But the larger
question is why do these commercial publishing houses still exist. We write
the text, we provide the editors and reviewers, and in this communications
technologies era we don't much need the publishing houses for production or
distribution. It seems it's only the inertia of habit and tradition that
maintain the status quo. That said, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates publisher
of MCA is one of the few that seems not to gouge its customers with
excessively high prices. Our library routinely pays thousands of dollars
for a single annual subscription to some of the scientific publishers.

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I was wondering if something could be done about the suscription prized of
the MCA journal for the rest of the world. U$75 is quite a fee for
developing countries. Any thoughts?

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