New Logon Procedure

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2005 - 20:32:51 PST

Dear XMCA-o-filietes---

A new system for signing up for XMCA is being instituted and in order
to continue
being able to send to the list, you need to re-sign up. We hope that
his procedure
will reduce, although I am sure it will not eliminate, problems with
xmca signing on and
off. But we have people backing up the system and are doing the best we can.

Please go to the xmca discussion page where the flashning invitation
will await you. We will
allow a couple of weeks for transition. We will send a reminder next
week and the week after and after that, if you have not converted to
the new system, you will be sent a final invitiation to do so. After
that, to get back on you will need to write to peggy
and she will direct you how to do sign up.

When this is done, we should have self descriptions of everyone and (I
hope) give everyone
easy access to the membership lists and associated information about
interests and language resources.

I can't guarantee a gain and hope there is no special pain.

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