Scaffolding - field note writing

From: William E. Blanton (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2005 - 10:06:25 PST


There is a general and more elaborated guide to writing 5thD field notes.
Attached is our local version of that guide. We want undergraduates to
focus on their interactions with children during 5thD activity and the
children's interactions within the 5thD. The guide enables undergraduates
to focus on and link concrete activity to the content of readings required
in the university course on topics such as Zo-peds and scaffolding. We have
found that over the long haul undergraduates can begin to formulate pretty
good descriptions of activity similar to the idea of scaffolding (what we
call providing children with as much help as needed but only when needed to
accomplish a 5thD task). If anyone is interested, I think we can retrieve
some examples of the field note writing.


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